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  • Pocket Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Pocket Doors
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Pocketdoors.co.uk is a supplier of Eclisse sliding pocket door kits. You can purchase a kit either over the phone with our knowledgeable team (0113 202 8349) or through our secure online shop www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk

What is a pocket door? – A pocket door is a system of building a counter frame which is then integrated with stud wall construction, either timber or metal. The pocket door counter frame creates an envelope the same width as the finished wall for the door to slide into, thus hiding the door within the wall cavity.

The Eclisse pocket door kit provides the solution to creating usable space otherwise lost with conventional swing door systems.

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Why reduce your layout options?

Eclisse sliding pocket doors give you the freedom to use all the space in your home.



Why lose valuable living space?

Eclisse sliding pocket doors free up more than 8% ‘dead’ space in an average home.



Pocket doors – The way sliding doors should be


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